DoTerra Essential Oils assist staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Recently, staff members at Vanderbilt University Medical Center took part in a wellness initiative that focused on aromatherapy in the hospital setting.  They diffused citrus oils in the emergency room and the results were quite dramatic.  Staff members completed a “peceived stress questionaire” both before and after a 30 day aromatherapy trial and the results were fascinating.

Prior to implementation, 41% of staff members reported experiencing work related stress “very often”.  After 30 days of diffusing the oils regularly, that number had dropped to 3%.  Additionally, those who reported “almost never” feeling “overwhelmed in the workplace” rose from 14% to 53%.  Reported stress levels at home remained consistent.  You can view a news reports about this project here.  It’s exciting to see mainstream medical facilities embracing effective approaches to wellness.  I’m looking forward to seeing essential oils benefit more and more people, as well as additional reseach on this topic.

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